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Meeting Date: 11/5/2008

Meeting Name: Online Meeting

Meeting Notes: Meeting focus: General review of major fouls, when in question rulings, formations, scrimmage kick plays and knowing your keys & coverage responsibilities.
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Presentation not viewed Passing Patterns Overview
Presentation viewed Major Fouls Overview
Presentation not viewed Pylon Ruling Article
Presentation viewed Head Coach Fined for Criticizing Refs Article
Presentation not viewed When in Question Rules

Online Meeting Videos:
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Video not viewed Video #1
  Video Focus: Items to consider when viewing the play. You are strongly encouraged to discuss your judgments with other officials in your chapter and/or study group.

1. Initial position of the officials. Consider both Side line and end zone view.

2. Action of officials after the kick. Do they move appropriately to cover the play? Do they move unnecessarily?

3. Is any member of the kicking team off side? If so, is this a call that should be made or would this be too technical. Consider the type of kick and the flight/direction of the kick.

4. Consider the action of the receiving team player who catches the kick. What, if anything, does he do correctly or incorrectly?

5. Consider the action by the kicking team around the receiving team player who catches the kick. Does a foul occur? If so, is it one that should be called or would calling a foul be too technical. If a foul has occurred [whether one that should be called or one that would be too technical to call
  Short free kick fair catch play
Video not viewed Video #2
  Video Focus: This time of year anything can and usually does happen. Teams are willing to go deep into their play book. We need to be prepared for anything. It is important that we know and follow our keys. Review these clips and play the "what if" game. At what point have you zoned up? What are you watching on these plays and what could happen?
  What If Video
Video not viewed Video #3
  Video Focus: Who responsibility is it to rule if the pass is backwards or forward? How do you convey that to your crew? Who is watching the back out of the backfield? F, S, B What did your key do on the play?
  Who’s Responsibility Is It Video?
Video not viewed Video #4
  Video Focus: How do we prevent this? Unsportsmanlike conduct?
  How Do We Prevent This Video?
Video viewed Video #5
  Video Focus: Is there a foul or not? If yes, what is the foul?
  Foul or Not?
Video not viewed Video #6
  Video Focus: Is there holding or not?
  Holding or Not?

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